Tuesday, 11 June 2013

What I got out of Rootstech

First the free stuff - badges, blogger beads and more.
This is just a alternative of the aliment I acquired during Rootstech 2013, to add to a fair old absolute accumulating - you can apprehend me coming, even if I'm not talking (it can happen!) with the clanking of the chaplet and badges I accept accumulated over the endure few years. 

The blogger chaplet allure absolutely a bit of attention, and it has become a custom for associates of the Geneabloggers association to get a new set of beads, address of blogging ability Thomas MacEntee and Dear Myrtle. The Rootstech 2013 chaplet were from Dear Myrtle, and they are the tasteful atramentous and silver/grey ones with a 'Dear Myrtle' baggage tag. The sparkly pink, amethyst and argent ones are not carefully blogger beads, they were the appropriate adornments for guests at Thomas's altogether affair on Friday night (great party, Thomas!). 

Badges can be added functional, abnormally the appointment ID badge, apparent with the contest you had pre-booked. As it angry out, the contest on the badges bore little affiliation to the sessions in fact booked, but it didn't amount at all because the Rootstech aperture admiral had cardboard lists. I got badges from My Heritage, 'I Tweet' from the Society of Genealogists and addition British brand from The Rude Genealogist - chase that hotlink at your own risk! I aswell got a rather adorable enamelled pin for accomplishing some FamilySearch indexing which is binding anytime afterpiece to the 1 billion mark.


The abracadabra ambition wasn't absolutely accomplished during Rootstech, but it should be any time now... I accept done absolutely a bit of indexing before, intermittently, and it's absolutely acceptable fun. Well, it usually is - I accede myself a adequately accomplished analyst and transcriber, but the accumulation I did in accessible in the Expo Hall had the affliction autography I accept apparent in a actual continued time (New Zealand commuter lists, back you ask). Ireally becoming that badge! 

Conference attendees can usually aces up a alternative of adhering ribbons to stick to the basal of their ID badges, and I was absolutely aseptic this time, I just got Ancestry and Findmypast associates ribbons, additional 'I adulation British Newspapers' and 'I cast over Flip-Pal'. This year's adulatory braiding was from Mocavo. I was aswell one of the advantageous recipients of a agenda account a 6-month cable to My Heritage, a website that I accept to acknowledge I don't apperceive actual well, so I attending advanced to giving it a acceptable try-out. And of advance I can consistently acquisition a use for a ScotlandsPeople voucher! Not a bad haul, I think. 

What I didn't get...

Josh Taylor says 'sorry' and I forgive him!
The appeal for Findmypast's 'Kiss me, my ancestors were...' badges abundantly outstripped supply, and by the time I got anywhere abreast the angle they were continued gone. But we accept been promised added food at approaching contest - put me down for Scottish and Irish, please.

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